Wilson Model Mangement

WILSON is a young and fresh model management company, specializing in Discovery, Development, and Direction. Being a model is more than a beautiful face. A beautiful face is merely the foundation in which to build, or map, a lasting career upon.

At WILSON, a new face will feel secure in knowing that a career plan is mapped out for them from the very start, always with their best interest in mind. WILSON prepares its models for the top agencies around the world and offers them guidance thereafter.

It is important to note that WILSON is not a booking agency or school and is very selective with whom they represent. Therefore, if scouted by WILSON, a model will feel comfortable in knowing that they belong to a small and exclusive model management company.

If you are interested in becoming a model please email: submissions@wilsonmodelmgmt.com

For all other inquiries please email: info@wilsonmodelmgmt.com

David for Ashish F/W 2012

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